Satellite Surplus Equipment Valuation.

Can I sell or trade my unwanted satellite equipment?

The problem with used antennas is that the cost of taking them down is often more than the antenna can be resold for. When this is the case, we will charge the owner to safely remove his antenna and dispose of the parts. This is not universally true, the more modern antenna does have a resale value and the owner should expect a zero cost of removal or even a payment for the antenna.

The photograph to the left is of a 13m Harris wheel and track antenna. There are two strikes against this antenna, the first being that wheel and track method is obsolete and never used today, secondly this antenna was manufactured prior to 1986 and it does not comply with modern focus specifications, and therefore cannot be used as a transmit antenna.

This antenna would be taken down for a fee and the parts sold for scrap.

Amplifiers can be worth selling or they can be worth very little. When we purchase surplus TWTA amplifiers, their age and tube characteristics determine if they are scrap or salable. Careful testing of the used amplifier will let us decide if we can buy it and then confidently place it for resale.

Used Satellite BUCs have their own criteria, and often an older BUC will work perfectly but based on its age it may be much bigger and heavier than its modern counterparts and therefore hard to sell.