Amplifier Test & Repair


Amplifier Test & Repair.

We sell BUCs, Transceivers, TWTA and SSPAs, they range in size from 2W to 750W but they all have one thing in common, we need to test them before offering them for resale.

Used Satellite AmplifierWe buy used satellite equipment from many sources but not everything works when we receive it. If an item fails our tests we have to make a decision to repair or junk it.

TWTAs have their own set of constraints, their amplification depends on the health of a traveling wave tube (TWT), fortunately there are some very good indicators of the tube's health. One such indicator is the helix current of the tube, first measured at rest and then a the high output level. If this measured current is low then the tube is in good health. There are many other components in a TWTA, but as long as the tube is in good condition it removes the worry of spending time and money on refurbishing.

Used KU-Band Amplifier

Unlike a TWTA an SSPA uses transistors to amplify the signal, and when testing shows a reduced power output, the cause can normally be traced to one or more failed transistors.  When failed power transistors are found our in-house engineer will have no difficulty diagnosing the problem and making the correct repairs.

We have expanded our in-house testing to offer repairs to owners of faulty equipment. Based on the age and the model of the amplifier we may offer a repair, or decline if there are no spare parts available for a particular piece of equipment.