Antenna Reconfiguration

Change my Satellite Antenna, from two port to four Port?

Vertex 4 Port Feed

The most requested antenna feed change to both C-Band and KU Band systems is the feed conversion from 2 port to 4 port. For users of C-Band systems, there may be the additional request to change from linear to circular polarity or vice versa.

With large earth station antennas these feed changes can seldom be carried out in the field and it is necessary to have the feed removed and shipped to us for the conversion.

It can be necessary to physically change the antennas position. During the time that an antenna has been in place, external changes in the surrounding properties can prevent the antenna having seeing a clear view to the satellite. Tall buildings built on adjacent property or overgrowth of trees in the line of sight can all contribute to signal blockage forcing a change in the antennas location.

These type of changes in position may not be trivial, a new pad must be constructed, fresh conduit or waveguide tracks will need to be built and following that the careful removal of the reflector, the movement of the support structure and then the replacement of the reflector at the new location.

The final step with this type of antenna move is the test with the satellite operator, running patterns to prove that the antenna has not been compromised during the move