Antenna Removal

Satellite Dish Removal Service

Satellite Antenna Removal

Unwanted earth station antennas can waste space and be a potential hazard. Often removal is an expensive project, but your antenna may have value to us, instead of paying a scrap dealer to remove it, contact us for an evaluation.

Some antenna's are only good for scrap and the cost of taking one down is often greater than the scrap value. When this happens we will quote a price to remove it from the premises quickly and cleanly.

In other cases the antenna may have a resale value that will offset the take-down cost, and in these cases our engineers will carefully remove the antenna at no cost to the owner.

The third possibility is that antenna control electronics and RF amplifiers may also have some resale value and when this happens we will make an offer to buy the antenna and electronics where it stands.

Come and talk to us, very often we can reach a conclusion without visiting the antenna site, pictures and a description are often all that we need to offer you quick and efficient help