Antenna Feed Changes

Vertex 4 Port Feed

Change from a Two Port antenna feed to Four Port Feed.

The majority of small VSAT type of antennas typically have two port OMTs, one port to transmit and the other port to receive. In the case of earth station antennas it is often necessary to transmit and receive on two ports at the same time. In the case of a linear polarized satellite we could be given space segment on two different transponders , when one is horizontal and the other is vertical polarized.

One solution is to install a second antenna to handle the other polarization, or even better, we can change the two port feed to a four port feed. This type of request covers either C-Band or KU-Band feeds.

If the antenna is C-Band, another common upgrade is the change in polarity, linear to circular or the opposite.  Although it is not a given that an antenna feed can be converted, some cannot. If this is the case we will cheerfully take your antenna feed in trade and provide an updated feed with the characteristics needed.Refurbished Satellite OMT

Satellite antenna feed conversion can take several weeks owing to the complexity of the engineering changes, and the rigorous testing before the feed can be shipped to the owner.  If the antenna is running live traffic the feed is part of an active uplink ask us about trading in the existing feed to offset the cost of purchasing and installing the new feed.