Antenna Refurbishing

Over time Satellite Antennas deteriorate and refurbishing is necessary.

As a satellite antenna ages, exposure to the sun and wind, may cause it to lose it's designed shape. Even small changes to the geometry of the reflector can cause signal distortion and a lower transmit or receive gain.

A more important consideration is that the aged antenna can cause interference to an adjacent satellite. In extreme cases this interference will cause the satellite operator to ban the antenna from transmitting. Prior to the mid 80's transmitting antennas did not have the same precise focus of today's satellite dishes. Those older antenna were said to be "Non Compliant" and cannot be used to transmit, because their poor focus can spray signal over two satellites, causing unwanted interference.

When an antenna has been standing exposed for twenty years or more, the satellite antenna mounting structure and motors need regular inspection. If the antenna's mounting structure is rusted and the electric motors frozen solid, it will be impossible to move the antenna to a alternate satellite if it is necessary.

Our team will address all of these issues, replacing rusted hardware, sending motors for complete refurbishing and in extreme cases theodoliting the antenna to restore the reflector to its factory designed geometry.

Even though it may not be possible to achieve 100% of the original manufacturer's designed specifications, in nearly all cases we can restore an antenna to better than 95% of its original performance.