Anasat 20EC Transceiver


Used Extended C-Band Trannceiver

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Anasat 20EC Transceiver


Used Transceiver tested and guaranteed.

This is a new never used old stock item.
Anacom’s series of Extended C-Band VSAT transceivers are available in transmitter output levels of OdBm, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 watts, in single or redundant configurations. Higher powers are available with external HPAs. These transceivers are ruggedly built for continuous outdoor duty in all types of environments. They are especially suitable for SCPC. MCPC, and DAAI4 applications
An ovenized, high stability crystal oscillator is used to lock the TX and RX synthesizers. The onboard microprocessor is used to give additional temperature and aging compensation.
BITE Facility
To improve and simplify maintenance routines, an external terminal (or computer) can be connected to monitor a number of critical parameters without use of additional test
Comprehensive Monitor & Control
A powerful Monitor and Control feature allows you to monitor and control the transceiver on the same M&C bus with most indoor equipment such as modems and multi-plexers. The Monitor & Control system can be used in combination with the unit’s internal metering function to monitor operational parameters.
MS DOS and Windows-based Supervisor”1 M&C software is provided with each transceiver for use in combination with a PC for monitoring and controlling all major earth station equipment besides the transceiver.
• A family of products with significant commonality
minimizes demands for spares and training.
• “Last Touch” controls allow for remote configuration or
local (manual) configuration.
• Flash memory means that the transceiver always powers
up with exactly the same operating conditions as when It
lost power (or was turned off)

m Easy to install.
• No indoor equipment required.
• Built in test facilities for improved maintain¬
ability and reduced dependence on external
test equipment.
• Intelsat compliant
• Frequency agile radio equipment.
Completely independent TX and RX
frequency selection.
• Superior phase noise, compliant to

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