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We buy and sell:

used satellite equipment, teleports, and more.

Welcome to New and Used Inc. We purchase surplus and used satellite equipment, and sell new and used electronics from attenuators to HPAs and fly-aways to 18 meters earth station antennas

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Antenna removal or reconfiguration

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Satellite Dish Removal Service

Unwanted earth station antennas can waste space and be a potential hazard. Often removal is an expensive project, but your antenna may have value to us, and so before paying a scrap dealer to remove it, contact us for an evaluation.

Change C to KU, Two to Four port etc.

Do you need to swap C-Band for KU-Band or upgrade a two port TX/RX to four port?

Buying a new feed from the manufacturer can be prohibitively expensive and take more time than you can afford, you should talk to us and inquire about reconditioned feeds.

Contact Information:

Telephone: 301-540-2623  FAX: 301-540-1870  Email: newandused(at)