Video Equipment

Category Manufacturer Part Quantity Price Description Notes PDF JPEG
Video Equipment Orad 3DPlay DVG2U 1 43,000.00 Dual Channel Clip Player DVG 2U HD/SD Dual Ch. – separate playout channels Data Sheet orad-3dplay-graphics-system.JPG
Video Equipment Sola-Sat EHDMP-4 1 5,750.00 Encoder, High Def, MP4, ASI out New HD MPEG4 encoder with ASI output Data Sheet SolaSat-EHDMP-4-Encoder-front.JPG
Video Equipment Sola-Sat MS2-70 1 5,750.00 Modulator, DVB-S2, ASI, 70 MHz New DVB-S2, 70 MHz modulator with ASI input Data Sheet modulator-solasat-dvb-S2-lband.JPG
Video Equipment Standard Agile IRD-2 1 89.00 Video Cipher II Plus; Descrambler C Untested Video Cipher ll, will accept return Data Sheet standard-videocipher-ll-rs.JPG
Video Equipment Tiernan TDR3000 1 3,299.00 MPEG2 Decoder MPEG2 DVB-S ASI Decoder, Common Interface Data Sheet tiernan TDR3000 IRD 1.jpg


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