Test Equipment

Category Manufacturer Part Quantity Price Description Notes PDF JPEG
Test Equipment Agilent 5087B 1 1,920.00 Distribution Amplifier Share a common signal across several devices Data Sheet agilent 5087B distribution amp.JPG
Test Equipment Agilent E4408B 1 13,450.00 Spectrum Analyzer 26 GHz Frequency range, calibrated in 2014 Data Sheet agilent E4408B spectrum Analyzer.JPG
Test Equipment Agilent 83620B 1 19,800.00 Synthesized Sweeper 10MHz-20GHz Guaranteed working condition Data Sheet hp-agilent-83620B-swept-signal-generator.JPG
Test Equipment Agilent E4401B 2 4,399.00 Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHz to 1.5 GHz 1.5 GHz l band, not calibrated recently Data Sheet agilent-e4401b.JPG
Test Equipment Agilent E4407B 1 13,750.00 Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz – 26.5 GHz *SOLD* Data Sheet agilent-e4407b.JPG
Test Equipment Agilent E4418B 1 2,550.00 Power Meter Does not include power head Data Sheet Agilent-E4418B-power-meter.jpg
Test Equipment Boonton 93A 2 95.00 True RMS Voltmeter Guaranteed in good working condtion Data Sheet Boonton 93A True RMS Voltmeter.JPG
Test Equipment Boonton 42B 9 780.00 Microwatt Test Meter with Power Sensor Complete with power head Data Sheet Boonton 42B Microwattmeter.JPG
Test Equipment HP HP 436A 1 625.00 Power Meter HP436A with HP8481A Sensor Sold without power head Data Sheet hp-436A-Power-Meter.JPG

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