Category Manufacturer Part Quantity Price Description Notes PDF JPEG
Antenna Feeds Advent Communications 055-2750 1 2,500.00 C-Band Circ Flyaway Feed New,C-Band Circular with LNA advent-flyaway-c-band-feed.JPG
Antenna KU-Band Andrew Andrew 4.6M KU 1 14,999.00 4.6M KU Band TX/RX Manual antenna control with full de-ice, TX/RX Data Sheet andrew 4.6m KU ESA.jpg
Antenna Controllers Andrew APC-300 5 4,900.00 Andrew Antenna Controller Steptrack controller Data Sheet andrew-apc-300-antenna-controller.JPG
Antenna Feeds Andrew 301203 1 4,000.00 2 Port Wideband Combiner OMT Both Ports 10.7-14.8 GHz, OMT Andrew-OMT-2 Port-Wideband.JPG
Antenna Feeds Andrew 4 Port C-band Feed 1 8,500.00 C-band Linear Feed for Andrew Antennas 4 port feed, complete with cross guide coupler. Data Sheet andrew-4port-cband-feed.JPG
Antenna Feeds Andrew TX/RX Combiner 1 1,500.00 2 Port Combiner Used, Transmit Port 14-14.5 GHZ Receive 11.7-12.2 Andrew-2 Port-Combiner-OMT.JPG
Antenna C-Band Andrew 7.3M ESA 1 37,500.00 7.3M TX/RX Andrew 7.3M fully motorized, 2 port Receive only, Data Sheet andrew-7m-full.JPG
Antenna Feeds AVL KU-Band Feed 1 795.00 KU-Band feed for AVL Mobile antenna New KU-Band feed for an AVL mobile antenna AVL KU-Band Feed.JPG
Antenna Feeds AVL X-Band feed 1 1,100.00 X-Band feed and LNB Both ports 1 1/8 x 1/2″ X-band offset feed.JPG

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